An early-stage venture firm focused on the things modern startups need most: distribution, community, mentorship, talent, and funding. We invest in a small number of startups four times per year. Each company gets $300k in funding along with access to Hyper’s unique features, like our partner and mentor network as well as participation in our 8-week-long founder program.

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Applications for Fall 2021 are now closed. Check back soon to apply for Hyper’s next Season.


We’ve partnered with great investors and powerful platforms — including AngelList, Product Hunt (our sister company), and Sequoia Capital — to help Hyper companies break through the noise. And more are on the way.

At Hyper, we focus a lot of energy on the venture part of venture capital. Why? Because more than a billion dollars is invested into startups every single day. There’s a ton of money out there. But to successfully build, grow, and run a company in today’s ecosystem, founders need a way to break through the noise.

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Investment from Hyper is kind of like a membership — it comes with access to our partners, experts, and mentors, plus an 8-week-long founder program designed to help startups with the things they need most: distribution, community, mentorship, talent, and funding.

Apply Sept 10 - Nov 5 Founder program And beyond… We maintain close relationships with the founders and companies we’ve funded. Launch/Funding support Nov 3 Jul 20 - Aug 10 Apply Sept 10 - Nov 5 Founder program And beyond… Our relationship with the founders and companies we fund continues forever. We are always ready to help with just about anything. Launch/funding support Nov 3 Jul 20 - Aug 10

If you’re a founder at an early-stage startup, or if you’re thinking about starting one, you should apply to Hyper’s next Season.

We’ll be sharing more about the program and Hyper’s benefits in the coming weeks and months.


$300k for 5%, on a SAFE. We accept applications four times per year, and the 8-week-long founder program runs during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

We invest in a small number of companies because we know how to provide intimate, hands-on help that can have a measurable impact.

If we accept your application, you’ll get funding immediately. Then we’ll work with you on your participation in the founder program.



Hyper is made up of operators, investors, and partners who have been through everything — from the very early stages of forming a startup to growing and managing large teams with billions in revenue.

We’ve built an impressive team of advisors, mentors, and partners to help Hyper companies build, launch, and grow — and we’re just getting started.


Hyper accepts applications four times per year. Our Fall Season started on September 10th. Applications for the next Season will be announced here and on Twitter: @hyper_..

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